Dic’s unique story of courage, survival and community support is sure to inspire and uplift any crowd. Dic speaks from the heart about the toughest times of his life and what he has done to stay positive. Every step of the way he has had the support of his family, friends, police officers and the entire community.



Dic realizes that every event is unique, and he tailors his remarks to meet the needs of each audience. Some of his topics include:

SPAR: Survival through Preparation, Adaptability, and Resilience

This is the method Dic used to find his own strength when faced with almost insurmountable challenges – and a technique that can help us all overcome obstacles in our lives and businesses.

Service Above Self

Service has been paramount in Dic’s life since a very young age. He will encourage his audience to seek opportunities serve their communities in a variety of ways, and make a positive impact every day.


Dic offers his perspective on how to find the courage to move forward when faced with seemingly insurmountable situations.

Community Support

The most unfortunate incident in Dic’s life has at the same time been one of the most positive events to ever happen to him. He addresses the power of community to heal after traumatic incidents, just as the spirit of “Boston Strong” affected the people around him.


Discover how you can look for unique chances to lead in the community and in your life. Be prepared to lead – the opportunity can come in an instant!

Highlighted Speaking Engagements:

Rotary International

Virginial Military Institute

2014 Leadership Conference


Referees’ Performance Enhancement Program

Manhattan College

Student Activities Lecture Series


Boston Town Hall Guest Speaker

American Red Cross

Nationwide Speaking Events


Public Safety Appreciation Luncheon

Austin Preparatory School


Amherst College LEADS Program


Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins Community Foundation Gala

Woburn Public Schools

Woburn Public Schools

Thayer Academy

Thayer Academy