Physical Fitness: A key to officer survival and wellness

I’ve long believed that being physically fit helped save my life.  In April, 2013, I was shot responding to Watertown to back up officers involved in the takedown of the Boston Marathon bombers.  I bled out on the street, arrived at the hospital in cardiac arrest, and very nearly died.  The COPS Office recently published a study that reaffirms this for me and talks to some of the programs departments around the country have put in place to support police officer fitness.

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What’s Important Now?

I just returned from WINx Chicago -an amazing TED-style event geared toward police and law enforcement audiences.  The acronym WIN stands for “What’s Important Now,” a theme that was introduced to me by my friend Brian Willis, who also helped put on the event.  Just as I returned from the trip, I realized that many of the concepts that the speakers talked about are important in all of our lives, and remind us about what truly is important now.  Here’s just a sample:

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Watertown Shooting/Officer Down: Lessons Learned from the Critical Injury and Recovery

Upcoming Event: IACP Conference, October 15, 2016

I am excited to announce that Trooper Chris Dumont and I will be presenting at the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference this October. Our presentation talks about the reality of officer survival, both in terms of tactical medicine and impacts after the fact. For me, it hits home as Chris was by my side in my worst hours, but he helped me pull through and we are friends for life. Read More

Building Resilience: A lifelong journey

It wasn’t until 2014 that I thought about the concept of resilience. A retired military officer mentioned the term while speaking about the challenges I have faced in recovery. It took some time to sink in before I started to look inwardly and conceptualize “resilience” on my own, and even longer until I began to speak about it. Read More