I just returned from WINx Chicago -an amazing TED-style event geared toward police and law enforcement audiences.  The acronym WIN stands for “What’s Important Now,” a theme that was introduced to me by my friend Brian Willis, who also helped put on the event.  Just as I returned from the trip, I realized that many of the concepts that the speakers talked about are important in all of our lives, and remind us about what truly is important now.  Here’s just a sample:

  • Wellness: We need to take care of ourselves physically and emotionally. Our busy lives often don’t let us get enough rest, or get exercise, or have a healthy diet.  We need to take a step back to analyze these parts of our lives.


  • Resilience: This theme echoed through many of the speakers’ talks. We get challenged.  We make mistakes.  However, each one of us has the tools and experiences to become “bulletproof” –we just need to find the courage and the people around us to accomplish this and overcome obstacles in our lives.


  • Family: The importance of family was truly a cornerstone in each speaker’s talks, and especially when connecting with them in person afterward. They are important and help us in more ways than we can ever imagine!


  • Communication: Think about how we talk to each other.   Have respect.  We are all humans and have the power to connect with each other, but we need to think about how we talk and act.


  • Adaptability: Even just speaking to an audience requires some adaptability, as does using technology.  But its significance also means to work in the unexpected, to do the best we can, and solve problems through any means, even things we have never thought of.


All of these things we can think of on a daily basis to make our lives healthier, stronger, and do the best we can for the people around us.  I sincerely thank my friends at The Virtus Group for the opportunity to speak this year and attend the event.  Stay tuned for the event videos, which should be released in the upcoming months.

I already look forward to next year, where I can be an audience member!