Upcoming Event: IACP Conference, October 15, 2016

I am excited to announce that Trooper Chris Dumont and I will be presenting at the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference this October. Our presentation talks about the reality of officer survival, both in terms of tactical medicine and impacts after the fact. For me, it hits home as Chris was by my side in my worst hours, but he helped me pull through and we are friends for life.

Trooper Chris Dumont and Dic Donohue

First, we will discuss tactical medicine and response at Watertown Shooting scene. How did Chris recognize the severity of my injury? What tools and training did he utilize to save my life? Most importantly, Chris will provide guidance as to what can officers and police agencies can do to prepare themselves for similar situations.

I’ll take over from there and discuss something we fail to prepare for in police academies and officer training: what happens to officers and their families in the aftermath of this incident. How can we best equip our families for the hardships of living with a seriously injured officer? We weren’t ready for this incident to happen, but put our strengths and instincts together to pull through and move forward.

What can we also learn about resilience and courage when faced with this situation? I know countless numbers of officers who would run into a dangerous situation without thinking twice.

It’s mechanical in a sense. However, we’re not all prepared to handle the post-incident challenges. Here, I’ll provide some guidance for the helpful and not-so-helpful support networks and efforts in the wake of a critical incident.

I hope you’ll join us in San Diego to hear our incredible story and the changes we would like to see to keep officers safe, healthy and happy when faced with such a situation!