Watertown Shooting/Officer Down: Lessons Learned from the Critical Injury and Recovery

Upcoming Event: IACP Conference, October 15, 2016

I am excited to announce that Trooper Chris Dumont and I will be presenting at the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference this October. Our presentation talks about the reality of officer survival, both in terms of tactical medicine and impacts after the fact. For me, it hits home as Chris was by my side in my worst hours, but he helped me pull through and we are friends for life. Read More

My Lifesaving Mission of Blood Donation

I never gave blood. I didn’t have a “good” excuse and couldn’t think of a reason to donate in the past–it just didn’t happen for me. Thankfully, there were people who made it a part of their lives to donate blood. On April 19th, 2013, I would not have survived without blood supplies and transfusions. The heroes who came out after the Boston Marathon bombings to donate truly helped save my life.

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